Will smartphones and PCs give way to Virtual Reality?

Game Developer Conference

As the true enthusiasts that you are, you surely already know that the “Game Developers Conference” organized by Facebook was skipped due to the Coronavirus emergency; and you will not have missed the online alternative with which the social networks giant announced the Oculus Quest user interface update, which will be released by the end of March.

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What Does This Update Consist Of?

When the user selects a video game or any other application, they interact with a pop-up menu in the virtual space.

This Facebook-developed menu allows for simpler and decidedly more immersive interaction, which encourages multitasking actions to jump from one app to another smoothly and easily.

With the release of these updates Facebook is actually setting the stage for an already well-defined path that aims to make VR the platform of the future. In essence, the latter will gradually replace all those operations we do today with the support of devices such as smartphones and PCs.

So, the viewers we now use almost exclusively for gaming, tomorrow we will use them to watch a movie, surf the Internet, or interact on social networks.

It must be said that Mark Zuckenberg certainly did not get the idea now. It is believed that it has been thinking about it for years, and more importantly it has been investing billions of dollars on it for at least 6. Not that he is the only one who has had a hunch, as Sony, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo have also sniffed out the deal. But Zuckenberg certainly has an advantage, and that advantage is called Facebook – Instagram, with all the potential that integration with these socials brings.


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