KAT WALK VR technology

Omnidirectional Treadmill for Walking in VR

Kat Walk offers models for both professional and personal use

Welcome to the Kat Walk page, the omnidirectional treadmill that will immerse you in an unparalleled virtual reality experience. With its cutting-edge design and exclusive technology, Kat Walk enables you to move naturally in any direction, fully immersing you in a captivating and interactive virtual world. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional VR setups and embrace the freedom and excitement of Kat Walk. Get ready to explore, interact, and be transported to new dimensions like never before. Walking, running, jumping, dodging, and striking will feel incredibly realistic on Kat Walk. Virtual Play is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Italy of this revolutionary technology. We also serve as an authorized technical support center, providing spare parts and assistance.

Discover more about all the available accessories and how Kat Walk is changing the way we experience virtual reality in gaming, education, work, and the Metaverse.

Are you interested in these machines, or would you like to know how to easily start a cutting-edge gaming center using this highly demanded technology? Discover how easy it is to “Open a Virtual Reality Gaming Center” with the formula we have developed and tested.

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