Launching a virtual reality games room can be less risky and more profitable if you seek the guidance of those who already possess the requisite expertise and methodology.

How to undo the default

Innovative entrepreneurship is possible without excessive risk if you approach it with the right guidance and strategy.

Hard? Difficult?

It’s understandable to have reservations when it comes to investing in new technologies and cutting-edge hardware. These fields evolve rapidly, and falling behind can occur in the blink of an eye.
The required investments can be substantial and not always accessible to those who are passionate about the industry. Not to mention the skills you are required to acquire in order to manage such a futuristic business with no case studies to refer to.

We’ve got a method

Over the years, we have interacted with numerous individuals and explored various formulas, enabling us to provide an optimal solution for successful entrepreneurship even in this pioneering industry. Our approach can help you achieve the break-even point in approximately 6-9 months of operation.



We are true experts of the franchise formula (already consolidated with PlayZone Italy) and we are constantly updated

Direct source

As producers, we possess a deep understanding of the hardware and software equipment that we supply to our affiliates.

Partnership e Finance

We have important partnerships able to support the franchisee in the initial investment phase (SP Studios – Finanza Agevolata Facile)

Our affiliation program is tailored to guide you seamlessly towards the profitable management of a one-of-a-kind entertainment room, with minimal competition and equipped for ongoing innovation.

how we got here

Building upon PlayZone Italy’s two decades of experience in playrooms and innovative party rooms, Virtual Play Arena emerged in 2018. Our evolution began with the introduction and testing of individual virtual reality equipment and games in existing rooms, followed by the establishment of dedicated areas equipped with their own hardware and software..
Already at the end of 2019, the format, now perfectly defined and outlined, was ready to take off independently.
Our ascent was temporarily slowed down by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we persevered, and our first affiliations opened their doors to the public during the pandemic months. Today, one by one, our affiliates are opening their doors to the public, showcasing the success of our model despite the challenging circumstances.
Strengthened by the formula already successfully adopted in PlayZone, we have refined every detail of the franchise according to the specifics of the Virtual Play business.
At present, we offer several standardized solutions that are designed to maximize space productivity and diversify revenue streams. However, we recognize that each case is unique and unparalleled. Therefore, these solutions serve as our starting point for customizing the space during the design phase to best suit your specific needs.

What will you get with us

No improvisation: our training course is designed to eliminate any sense of improvisation and provide a solid foundation for your success.

Virtual Play does not apply any royalties from revenue from its affiliates and never will.

Each territorial manager is responsible for ensuring compliance with contractual obligations, but they retain 100% of the earnings generated by their activity.

Our headquarters frequently organize training initiatives or updates that are highly worthwhile for our affiliates to attend. They are good for you as an entrepreneur, and for your business, so that you always stay on track.

Don't miss a single one!

Virtual Play provides technical assistance services for machinery and equipment, and also offers mandatory annual testing upon request.

Simply submit a request for either ordinary or extraordinary assistance, and we will resolve any issue within the timeframe outlined in the contract.

The value and services you will get by choosing the affiliation

A dedicated tutor will guide you from the initial idea to the final project, and with the aid of 3D representation technology, provide an accurate visual representation of the setup structure well before it is materialized on-site.

You can choose from our different formats and customize as you wish while respecting the rules of the franchise.

The tutor's mission is to guide you towards a profitable and well-balanced setup, trust him!

As an affiliate, you have the right and the duty to take part in the "Feed your mind" Masterclass - an intensive 4-day course dedicated to future entrepreneurs, a tribute to all franchise affiliates.

The training step is critical because improvisation is not permitted at Virtual Play. Moreover, it offers an opportunity to become familiar with the equipment and technology that underpins the project.

In summary, our Masterclass provides the fundamental tools necessary for launching and managing a business in this industry. However, it's important to note that ongoing training and education is necessary for our affiliates even after the initial Masterclass.

Don't miss it, it's worth €3,900!

Preserving the exclusivity of your designated territory is of utmost importance to us. It goes without saying, but we don't open VR rooms that compete with each other!

Rest assured, no Virtual Play point will ever encroach on your market shares, as we carefully calculate your potential catchment area based on the size of your structure and the investment you've made.

Our Marketing and Communication team will support you throughout the inaugural event to ensure its success and establish a solid foundation for your future business.

The headquarters provide invaluable assistance during the pre-opening phase, so don't hesitate to seek their support.

Hopefully, before the inauguration you will already have over 10 events already booked!

Thanks to the support of the marketing team, you will have many CVs to read and select before the inauguration. Thankfully our Executive Manager will make sure you make the right choices!

The choice of collaborators is, despite what one might believe, one of the most difficult things to manage both emotionally and technically. We help you identify suitable profiles and communicate with them in the right way from the very first approach.

Our organizational team will reach out to you a few days before the inaugural event to finalize any remaining details and provide an extra boost to your activities.

Their contribution can literally define the fate of the event.

Forget the light bulb that burnt out or the painting that is a little crooked: this is much more important!

For years, we have collaborated with room managers and event organizers to develop a tool that simplifies and enhances their work. Today, that tool exists in the form of Evoludy, "Nothing else is needed"

Evoludy is a software designed specifically for managing entertainment areas and activities. It is a young and continuously "in progress" software, therefore it is currently free for all affiliates.

what will you do with us

Ti interessano i vantaggi della Formula Virtual Play Franchising?

If you’re interested in the franchise formula, it may be beneficial for you to understand the steps involved in the process we’ve established for Virtual Play halls. It is a logical, agile and highly formative path. It begins with consulting and affiliation, like 99% of franchises do, but all the best comes later!

The journey of our affiliates.

The simple and intuitive steps with which accompanied from the dream to the project (if necessary to the financing) and to the inaugural event.
The journey then continues with the growth phase!

The story of those who have already started

how did he do it?

In three short clips, we showcase how one individual transformed their passion for gaming into an innovative virtual reality business. The journey includes securing a non-repayable loan and the design and creation of an unparalleled experience. The rest is .. still going!

Everything from the beginning – to now on Virtual Play L’Aquila  

Davide Bernardi

He tells us about his journey to achieve an amazing project


Lost fund

How they got it


Open Day

The clip of the opening event: who was there and above all what is so attractive


It could be you next!

Franchise solutions

Each franchisee is guided by a tutor in selecting the optimal franchise formula that best aligns with their unique needs and characteristics.

The first factors that guide this decision include potential earnings, initial budget, and the location of the business.

6 new formats available

Virtual Play Young

Start with a small investment and immediately benefit from the excellent return!

Have a good start

Virtual Play Bee Free

Targeted investment on the most profitable and least bulky attraction

the most requested

Virtual Play Arena

The most complete and most profitable format


E-Sports Arena

Gather and train the champions of the teams that will compete in the digital leagues

Virtual Play food

Come together, challenge one another, and enjoy great food while savoring the tastes of the future.

Aperi PLay

With a profitable area dedicated to aperitifs and snacks

Revenue Sources

Multiple incomes

Each Virtual Play room is custom designed for profitable distribution of play areas to ALWAYS ensure maximization of revenue sources.

This structure enables precise revenue measurement by area, which is useful for identifying and correcting any shortcomings in receipts. Additionally, it guarantees compensation between more and less profitable machines, ensuring a balanced total at all times.

Photo 2

what makes us unique

Why work together

Technical assistance

The specialized service you can't do without to generate continuous profits

Our format

The project solutions, studied and tested to obtain predictable profits


We have partnerships with the best financial consultancy firms

Know how

Training and software to better manage customers, marketing and reservations

Before you, over 90% of our brand affiliates applied for and obtained financing with SP Studios, recovering funds from 60,000 to 1.5 million Euros

If you need this type of support, don’t hesitate to talk to your consultant: as an affiliate you have the right to preferential access and above all you can count on highly advantageous conditions in SP Studios, both in economic terms and in general timing of the request.

What if your budget is not enough?

If you’re determined to do things right and obtain the best, despite difficulty covering the entire initial investment, it’s crucial to move forward. We believe that money should not be an obstacle to success.

Did you know that more than 50% of our affiliates have encountered the same difficulties?

That’s precisely why we have organized ourselves to offer support in this regard and have established a strategic partnership with SP Studios – Finanza Agevolata Facile. As an integral part of our group, SP Studios assists our affiliates in applying for funding, including large grants.

Some testimonials from who we have funded with a non-repayable fund

Our MasterClass training course is not solely for “newbies” and startups, as it also offers immense value to those with existing experience in the industry.
It is designed to inspire, inform and interest anyone doing business. Even those who are already operational can benefit immensely from our MasterClass training course, as they can apply the lessons learned practically and quickly upon their return to their company, without having to wait for their next opening. Here is the testimony of two seasoned entrepreneurs who, along with their children, opened Virtual Play Torino, and their initial impressions.


How is it going for those who have already invested in VIRTUAL PLAY?

We will be your best allies

Start your adventure with Virtual Play now

Whether you’re interested in learning more about our simulators, creating your own independent project, or considering affiliating with us, we have options to suit your needs. You can request information on our simulators, pursue your own independent project, or allow us to guide you through the affiliation process by submitting an application.


Frequent asked questions

Yes it is, if:
- you have no experience in running a business
- you think that profit is generated only by paying the cost of the token
- your franchisor has the same destination as you
- you seek the certainty of a method and a guide so as not to improvise
- franchisor does not apply royalties

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to determining the appropriate size or number of simulators for a VR arcade or park. It's best to develop a project that is tailored to the local territory, aligned with the needs, possibilities, and expectations of the proponent, and takes into account the market demand and competition in the area.

We are a company that specializes in the production and partly exclusive distribution of these items. We always have machinery in stock and therefore ready for delivery. The variables to keep in mind are:
- availability of necessary financial resources
- location availability and possible adaptation
- project implementation
- authorization request

On average from 40 to 60 days

We foresee the rental only for corporate events, parties, anniversaries and in any case of a temporary nature. We do not adopt long-term rental as we prefer to recommend the purchase which in this case is more convenient for our customer.

Although we have established a system for raising financial resources, including non-repayable options through our reputable associated consultancy firms, we do not recommend relying solely on these resources.
There are many reasons for that:
- It's worth noting that accessing the start-up path when opening a business is impossible without a certain minimum of personal resources.
there is a high risk of inability to bear the minimum initial expenses (company formation, possible small guarantees, etc...)
- possible need to improve knowledge on the dynamics of money (topic also addressed during the training MasterClass)

This really depends on the business model. The one adopted in the franchising system allows to obtain a minimum income of around 600k per year with an average investment.

It is the software that goes fast. The machines are much more long-lived.
Today, there are simulations available for almost every type of experience, and our machines are designed to accommodate them all. As our machines are updatable, they will always remain current with the latest software, ensuring that they stay relevant and engaging for customers.

It depends on your earning expectations and your financial availability. You can choose between different formats starting from 29k to start appreciating the profitability of this activity.

We offer exclusive zone rights, no play costs, comprehensive training before, during, and after launch, qualified and readily available technical assistance, and the option to exchange machines during operation.

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