Driving Simulator Digital Edition

Driving Simulator professional Digital Edition

Imagine sitting behind the wheel of a race car, feeling the engine roar and the wind in your hair as you drive on the most exciting roads in the world. With our driving simulators featuring digital technology, this dream becomes a reality.

No matter if you are a professional driver or just a car enthusiast, our driving simulators with digital technology offer a unique driving experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

With a wide range of accessories available, our production area can customize frames, graphics, software, and setups, creating perfect solutions for both private individuals who often require ultra-silent systems and professionals who love extreme performance.

Driving Simulator Digital Edition is a professional driving simulator with 4 degrees of freedom (4 DOF) technology. The setup is entirely customizable during the ordering phase. The standard configuration includes:
– Ultra-fast linear actuators (with 3000 RPM and 2.4 Nm torque) for realistic effects.
Oled 49” curved Monitor

Configurable optional features:
– Standard or Direct Drive Steering Wheel with Pedals.
– Augmented Reality Configuration
– Curved / Triple Screen Setup – Configuration with VR Headsets (model of your choice).
– Wind Effect
Vibration Effect (rumble strips + motor)
– Belt Tensioner Effect for seat belts.
– Banner effect
– Customizable Button Boxes
– Touch Screen Dashboard
116 compatible games (continuously updated).
Additionally, configurable presets managed in the cloud.

The render of the Digital Edition project.

Designed and built entirely in Italy
, our driving simulators offer a realistic and immersive driving experience that will make you forget you are sitting in a room. The high-quality graphics and advanced simulation features will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the driving experience, feeling every curve, every incline, every descent, and every vibration as if you were truly there.
Perfect for professional training, entertainment, local or online challenges, tournaments, and education, our driving simulators come with a wide range of scenarios and driving situations, from busy city streets to the most thrilling race tracks. With their cutting-edge technology, these simulators will allow you to improve your driving skills and have more fun than ever before.
Choose whether you prefer to have fun driving the digital simulator with the Curved Monitor setup or with the VR headset, or both.

Discover how our driving simulators can transform your driving experience today!

Pioneer Yashi
Model present in the composition (photo/video).
Size 49”
Aspect Ratio 32:9.
Frequence 144Hz
Resolution: 380×1080 pixels.
Brightness: 350 cd/m² (typical).
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1.
Curvature: R1800.
Response 4 ms
Anti-glare panel
178° horizontal.
178° vertical

Pimax 5K Super
5K HD resolution
200° FOV Fresnel lenses
Up to 180Hz ultra-high refresh rate
SteamVR 1.0/2.0 tracking supported
Comfortable, ergonomic design

HTC Vive Pro 2
5K HD resolution
180° FOV Fresnel lenses
Up to 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate
Dual RGB low persistence LCD
2448 × 2448 pixels per eye (4896 x 2448 pixels combined)
Compatible with wireless transmission system

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