Cinema 9D design

9D Cinema Simulator Rider with special and sensory effects.

Invest in the most enduring and profitable simulator available today.

VR Motion Simulator Ride 9D Cinema: due to the multitude of included experiences, its longstanding presence in the market, and the number of installations, it is certainly the safest investment. It performs well both in a complete VR room and as a standalone installation in any area with public traffic (shopping malls, exhibition halls, bars, etc.). With over 140 original VR games/movies included, it’s an attraction that can’t be missed.

New model!

We are now in the fourth generation, and this latest one is distinguished by the comfort of the seats (which are now even larger and more enveloping), the futuristic design, and the distinctive LED lighting.

Immersive panoramic 360° games within a 100% safe single-body fiberglass structure. 3DOF Movement Platform

See how it works

But what is VR the 9D Cinema Simulator from Virtual Play?
It represents the fourth generation of 9D VR movie simulator, the most beautiful and fun ever. With 144 between games and movies, its movement is realistic and reactive because it is based on 3Dof Motion Platform technology.

Among the main features: vibrating seats, shooting, pushing backwards, winding to the legs, wind (with air blows directed to the ears and face). They will make the game experience exciting and engaging 360°.

A: DPVR E3C (2.5K)
B: Cool LED Lighting
C: Leg Sweep
D: Feet
E: Step
F: Logo with Lighting
G: Handle with Shooting Button
H: 42″ Touch Screen Control PanelI: Wind Blower
J: Surround Sound System

More than 140 Film HD movies included

Among the main experiences: Russian Mountains, fireball, shooting, dinosaur, robot, explored, zombies, cartoons, children’s games, scary movies and other exciting VR games. The games are constantly updated and forever!

6 games Shooting Games (new with double function)
Weight 300 kg
Power 3 kw
Required space 3 m2
Dim: 2×1,2×2,1 mt

Special effects provided
Vibration, push, shock on the legs, Wind, shooting, surround audio

3D Visors
9D VR Glasses
Resolution 2560 x 1440 Pixel
2 pcs Vr Glasses
1 Command Tower with 42 inc screen

Options available:
Possibility of playing in a slot machine

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