Interactive Projectors

Are you ready to enter a world of unique and extraordinary emotions? We are one of the select companies in Italy with the expertise to create interactive projectors designed for walls, floors, and various surfaces. We take pride in offering the broadest range of interactive solutions in the industry, custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.
The power of our interactive projectors lies in their integration capabilities with other units to create fully immersive environments and 360-degree coverage of any space. Imagine walking into an environment where the walls, floors, and surfaces seamlessly transform into interactive learning and play spaces. Projectors cover every angle, creating a fully immersive experience. Upon request, we can customize our interactive experiences and games to accommodate people with disabilities, leveraging our in-house software development expertise.
We animate walls with which to interact even at 360 degrees, even sandy floors and trampolines. Furthermore, we can also design customized games with subjects and logos provided by the client.
As an Italian company, we take pride in creating reliable and durable made-in-Italy products that stand the test of time. Our Italian craftsmanship and engineering ensure longevity and performance. We are committed to providing innovative solutions to enhance the user experience of interactive technologies, both for entertainment and for education. Explore our website to discover how our interactive projectors can enhance your experience and meet your specific needs, creating fully immersive environments with 360 degree coverage of the entire space. Our solutions range from interactive play environments for children to training simulations for professionals. Get in touch to discuss your unique requirements and how we can provide customized, made-in Italy experiences that ignite imagination. We are ready to accompany you on this exciting journey!

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