Interactive floor

Interactive floor (i)

A simple passage within the projection area will immerse the children in a magical and interactive atmosphere that changes with their body movements. Scene and games for all tastes (sports, educational, recreational, learning, and specifically designed for advertising and sponsorships). With the ability to customize with logos and the inclusion of animated characters and the creation of gaming environments for team-building activities, it is among the most versatile solutions available. Continuously updated thanks to the development of new applications and games from our software house. Subscribe to the annual membership and receive all updates and new games as a bonus (includes remote technical support).

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It is an integrated motion sensor system that includes a projector and computer, allowing interaction with software applications through dynamic image projections on the floor.
Simple and fast, it does not require any special installations. All you need is the remote control and arm or leg movements to interact and start playing. This user-friendly setup allows for easy engagement and quick access to the games and interactive experiences.
Installed on the ceiling, it can be used in any location where children are present: nurseries, schools, playgrounds, play areas, therapeutic and rehabilitation centers, shopping malls, and even for advertising purposes.

Included games

96 games + 4 quiz. Continuously updated library.


Scenes and games for all tastes (sports, educational, recreational, learning, and specifically designed for advertising and sponsorships)


Led lamp of 3600 ANSI lumens used is guaranteed for 15,000h of work
The ability for remote control and assistance with LAN connectivity, configuration keyboard, and
wireless button for turning it on.
Distance between projector and projection Projection width Projection height ratio 0.49:1
Self-configuration and management
User Friendly Platform
Multiplayer Function
Free or comparison coin function
220V power supply
Total consumption 900W
WOL electronic ignition
Pc Windows 10 Pro
Mini Computer Desktop
Dual Wifi Support, Bt4.2, Win11, 4K HD, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI+VGA+DP

Our KIT includes

  • Software applications package.
  • Complete with bracket, telescopic support.
  • Remote control and Wi-Fi dongle.
  • 96 games + 4 quiz included
    ategories of games available: Education, Sports, Logic, Arcade Games, Linguistics, Environmental Games, and Sensory Therapy.
  • Also available in multiplayer mode

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