Kat Loco S

With KAT Loco, you can walk in the virtual world.

Just walk in place to start moving within the virtual reality.

KAT Loco S is the next-generation VR walk-on-spot locomotion system by KAT VR. By allowing you to physically move through open worlds and perform any other actions you may need in virtual adventures, Loco S makes gaming even more thrilling and immersive! As a player, take yours and assume full physical control over movements in VR! It is the only gaming system available on the market with these features.
Virtual Play VR is the exclusive distributor and provides official warranty in Italy.

KAT Loco S It can be universally used with any VR game and VR headset. The purpose of Virtual Reality is to engage the player in a digital world with which they can interact just like in the real world. Indeed, that’s why a realistic locomotion system is the key to making the game even more immersive and engaging.

How it works
The sensors establish a wireless connection with your computer, so they always know your location. Thanks to its compactness and lightweight design, you’ll hardly notice having anything around your ankles and waist, allowing you to move with complete freedom.

What can you do with KAT Loco S?
Let’s start by clarifying that for anyone who might think it is a flaw, KAT Loco S is not capable of bodytraking. it is simply not the purpose for which it was designed. Precisely, its functional purpose is to transform walking in place into movement within the virtual reality.

Do you think it’s not enough?

You can easily run, jump, move right and left, crouch, and walk.
The package contains 3 KAT trackers, including the straps. It increases immersion in the game by moving your legs, and it’s easy to use and install.
Suitable for any type of VR headset (not suitable for motion capture applications).

Inside the package, you will find:
– A branded floor mat.
– Three complete sets of straps for the sensors.
– The cables for charging and synchronization.
The main sensor is positioned on the belt and indicates the walking direction, while the other two sensors enable locomotion.

The function of the floor mat is to control the area of movement. Indeed, the edges of the floor mat indicate when it would be better to lean backward or forward, depending on where you may have shifted your balance. This feedback helps in maintaining a more centered and controlled movement within the virtual environment.

The installation is very simple and guided, and the management app and online documentation are precise and well-made.

After synchronization, you can access the database to choose which supported game to start with. In any case, the entire library that involves fluid movement is compatible. this is possible because the information the sensors perceive when we try to walk in place is translated into smooth forward movement of the left stick. This enables fluid locomotion in the virtual environment, making the gaming experience more natural and immersive.
Possible operating variations:
If the game allows it, you can walk slowly or run at maximum speed. You can choose the degree of motion sensitivity among the settings..

EAN 6972518631110
Brand KAT VR
Fashion model No.
Name KAT Loco S Trackers
Weight (kg) 0.3500
Suitable for headset type HP Reverb G2, HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Cosmos, HTC VIVE Pro (Eye), HTC VIVE Pro 2, Meta Quest 2, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift S, Pimax, Valve Index

Yes, for use with PSVR, an additional adapter is required.

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You’re probably thinking of nerds, Gaming enthusiasts, and generally super techies. It seems that the profiles are more interested in the “what” rather than the “how,” meaning they focus on the characteristics of the machines, technical functionality, and pay less attention to the fundamental aspects of the business and how it develops. This is the main mistake that experts make!
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