Moto VR

Super Bike motorcycle driving simulator.

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With Virtual Play’s VR Moto driving experience, you’ll feel the excitement of an extreme ride that you won’t be able to resist You will reach a crazy level of adrenaline, thanks to the roar of the engine but especially to the incredible speed that you have never experienced before The VR Moto simulator simulates driving on different types of circuits very well.
The wind will blow on your face and hair as you pick up speed, descend, or run fast. Jump in the saddle, put on the visor, and race towards the finish line However, don’t forget that this is a stellar superbike; there will be many obstacles and plenty of weapons at your disposal to accomplish your mission.

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Professional sports bike simulator.

Multi-function controller/accelerator.
Dynamic platform.
High-quality audio for an immersive and realistic experience.
Display included.
Deepoon E3E VR Visor
Power supply 220V 2.0kW.

Features of the included visor.

Here are some games.

This is the best motorcycle racing game in Steam VR An incredible race with a virtual motorcycle equipped with magnetic suspensions (8 different scenes) and V-Racer (17 tracks). The games will be continuously updated, and your VR Moto will always be attractive and irresistible.

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