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Welcome to this “FORMAT” section of Virtual Play.
Here you will discover all the options available to open your VR room easily and smoothly: you just have to choose the one that best suits your case.

First of all we want to congratulate you: if you are interested in this kind of business, you must be a person who looks far ahead.
In fact, until a few years ago you would have been considered crazy or reckless, because there was still very little talk about virtual reality and all this technology was scary.
Thankfully, the overall attitude towards virtual reality today is positive, likely due to the impressive potential demonstrated by its applications in diverse fields such as medicine, the military, and institutions.

The entertainment industry has always been at the forefront of experimentation in this regard, and here at Virtual Play, we are no exception.
Since 2018, we have been envisioning entertainment on a virtual level, establishing partnerships and conducting experiments focused on the production of hardware and software components designed for VR-centric playrooms.

Tell us who you are, and we'll tell you what kind of VR room you want!

How to open a VR room

Are you an entrepreneur looking for profitable investment opportunities or someone with a budget to invest?

Are you comfortable with technology but looking for a few points of reference to enhance your knowledge?

We have prepared a special 8-step guide that can assist you in starting your business with ease and convenience.
In summary:


Are you interested in entering this business despite lacking experience, but believe in its potential?

The franchise formula is perfect for you.
In Virtual Play you can in fact acquire all the information you will need to successfully start your business in this sector.
We will provide you with the know-how, the machines, the fittings, the entire planning and also the fundamental indications to become a good entrepreneur starting from scratch.
You will have:

By dimension

Do you have an unused room and would like to generate income from it?

Whether you are passionate about VR entertainment or seeking a wise investment opportunity that can be managed by others, our size-specific designs can meet your needs.
We have developed several models based on six types of premises, categorized according to their usable square footage.
What type of premises are you interested in?

SP Studios – Finanza Agevolata Facile


If you are determined to do things right and acquire the best, but are facing challenges in covering the initial investment, it’s still possible to proceed. Money should not be an obstacle to achieving your goals.
Did you know that more than 50% of our affiliates have encountered the same difficulties?
This is why today we are organized in this sense and we can count on a strategic partnership with SP Studios – Finanza Agevolata Facile.

SP Studios is an integral part of the group and supports our affiliates in applying for funding, even with large grants.
If you need this kind of support, talk to your advisor – they will put you in touch with the right people.

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If you are still unsure where to start despite our suggestions, or if you simply don’t want to waste any more time, we can provide further assistance and guidance.
If you are uncertain whether your available budget is adequate or would like to explore the possibility of integrating it to enhance your project’s quality, we can assist you in making an informed decision.

It is free and without obligation. Our consultants are already waiting for you.

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