How to Open a VR Theme Park or Virtual Reality Arcade

A Comprehensive 8-Step Guide

















The future of VR theme parks


Virtual reality was once viewed as an expensive and risky investment, but in recent years, the technology and its applications have become increasingly viable. As a result, the world is beginning to recognize the potential of virtual reality, and companies are exploring new ways to utilize this innovative technology. Virtual Play is a brand owned by Virtual Play Zone Srl, located in the industrial area of Spigno Saturnia (LT). With over 22 years of experience, the company has been a visionary player in the entertainment industry, producing cutting-edge VR gaming machines, car and airplane driving simulators, interactive products, and game software. Virtual Play not only produces innovative entertainment products, but also serves as the exclusive distributor for Italy of leading global manufacturers like Kat VR since 2018.

With our turnkey products and solutions, we can help you create a fully functional VR theme park from start to finish.
Before we get into the details of how to build a VR virtual reality play area or theme park, let’s start by answering a few basic questions.

Why design and start a virtual reality theme park?
Why invest in VR gaming machines?
Will virtual reality be a passing fad, or is it here to stay as a game-changing technology?

We need to be logical, frank and sincere, removing any doubts.

Virtual Reality is the Future!

The theme park and amusement park industry has undergone significant changes in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, which disrupted every sector and upended the ways in which people think and live. Business models have changed and touchless technologies are taking over. VR arcades will replace traditional amusement parks, that’s for sure!
Why are we so sure about this? That’s easy: big players, the most important tech companies (Meta, Sony, Apple, Windows, etc…) are investing billions on it. And you may not know it, but Disney has already planned to upgrade all of its parks to VR technology and has already opened an area in 2023.

But you know what the great news is?

Unlike big-name companies, entering this business doesn’t require a large amount of capital. By following this guide, you can gain a better understanding of how accessible everything is.

The customer experience must be the focus of the VR theme park

Virtual reality provides a deeply immersive experience that can stimulate the senses and evoke real emotions, all within a futuristic and surreal world. A VR play area should therefore be designed in such a way that the user feels they are teleported in a dream to an alternate reality.

We now know that it is inevitable that human experiences and interactions will change, and that it is equally inevitable that a wide range of possibilities for engagement will develop. We are facing a revolution, and as always it will first manifest itself in the world of gaming and entertainment. When it comes to hanging out with family and friends, a VR theme park is sure to be the first choice. An unstoppable success!

When designing a VR play area, there are several factors to consider. VIRTUAL PLAY offers an eight-step guide on opening your own VR theme park or Virtual Reality arcade. With several years of experience in the industry and a successful franchise with numerous active rooms, we are excited to offer our expertise and provide valuable ideas and advice to help you start your own venture on the right track – something that is currently hard to come by in Italy.

The author

As an innovative entrepreneur with assets in multiple entertainment companies, Salvatore Papa is the founder of PlayZone Franchising, Virtual Play, Starlights, and SPStudios’ Finanza Facilitata Facile. Author of 3 books, tutor of the National Microcredit institution.

In recent years he has been concentrating his energies on creating a circuit of entertainment halls with Virtual Reality with the aim of making them meeting centers for young people and families.


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