Driving Simulator Starter

Driving simulator Mechanical Starter

Tired of playing PlayStation sitting on the couch? ould you like to challenge your friends or speed down the world’s most adventurous roads while experiencing the sensations of living them for real? If you’ve heard of simulators before but never had the courage to ask how much it costs to get one, here’s your big chance. Driving Simulator Starter is designed just for people like you who have long dreamed of trying this experience, and we’re sure you’ll be so passionate about it that you’ll want nothing more than to embellish it with lots of incredible accessories. You can request your complete set-up when ordering, and you can customize it from color to peripherals, or start with the basic model and add effects and features later so that it retains its appeal over time.

Take a seat in the comfortable ergonomic racing seat, buckle up, and get ready for a strong adventure of breathtaking curves, wind in your face, and roaring engines. Choose your favorite model and practice with the pedal board to release the clutch and brake at the right time!

Main functions

The seat movement generated by two motors placed in the base casing, allows with a good final effect to simulate the sensations of a driver driving a Super Car.
Designed with a sturdy electro-welded solid painted steel frame and platform with exposed mechanics. We provide a custom-made black Pvc cover upon request. With a minimalist design, it fits perfectly into any modern setting.
Driving simulator made in Italy


  • Base Basic FK o Playset a scelta
  • Movimenti 2 DOF (Pitch + Roll)
  • Maximum angle of inclination 16°
  • Speed 75 cm/s
  • Torsion force 25 n/m
  • Consumption 720W
  • Supported weight 120 kg

Station with configurable options:

  • Steering wheel + pedals standard or direct drive
  • Augmented Reality Configuration.
  • Curved screen / triple screen
  • Virtual Reality Visors
  • Wind Effect
  • Vibration effect (curbs + motor)
  • Belt Tensioner Effect
  • Banner effect
  • Customizable Button Boxes
  • Touch Screen Dashboard

Compatible games
116 compatible games (continuously being updated)

Configurable presets manageable in cloud.

Create your custom template, ask us about compatible peripherals

Born to Create Value
We started this business with a passion for innovation, technology, and to create a space where kids and adults could meet, have fun, and socialize in a setting appropriate to the times (a mix of digital “Metaverse” and real with a cozy, futuristic location).
From the beginning, we shared a clear goal with the whole team: “to develop a concept that would be able to generate excellent profits and a Know How that would be easy to transfer to our clients\affiliates so that in a very short time they would be able to generate revenue.”


Pimax 5K Super
5K HD resolution
200° FOV Fresnel lenses
Up to 180Hz ultra-high refresh rate
SteamVR 1.0/2.0 tracking supported
Comfortable, ergonomic design

HTC Vive Pro 2
5K HD resolution
180° FOV Fresnel lenses
Up to 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate
Dual RGB low persistence LCD
2448 × 2448 pixels per eye (4896 x 2448 pixels combined)
Compatible with wireless broadcasting system

Who are our best partners and those who will best succeed in the project?
You’re probably thinking of nerds, Gaming enthusiasts, and generally super techies. In reality, these profiles are more interested in “the what than the how,” meaning that they are interested in the characteristics of the machines, the technical functionality, but they pay little attention to the fundamental aspects of the business and how it develops. This is the main mistake that experts make!
You can learn all about it by requesting information and participating in our exclusive Masterclass.

Are you interested in this machinery or would you like to know how to nimbly start a business using this much-needed technology?
Discover how easy it is to “Open a Virtual Reality Gaming Center” with the formula we have developed and tested.

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