Kids VR & Arcade

By browsing through this category, you will discover that Virtual Reality can be highly suitable entertainment for children as well!  

In response to the numerous requests we have received, we are delighted to introduce a restyling of the most famous arcade games that gained popularity in the 80s. These classic games continue to evoke excitement, especially when combined with the futuristic experiences of state-of-the-art simulators.  

Virtual Reality Experience for Children

Kids VR is the first carefully designed virtual reality offering specifically tailored for young children.

With a fun design and special lenses, the Kids VR headset is not meant to be worn but simply “rested” on, reducing eye strain for children and providing them with a fully immersive virtual panorama in a healthy and comfortable manner. It includes a wide variety of games, including educational ones that are popular among talented parents and children.

Desk Arcade VP

Are you ready to take a leap into the gaming past of the 80s? Don’t waste time searching elsewhere; we are the exclusive producers of it!

Are you interested in this machine or would you like to know how to easily start a business with the use of this much-requested technology?
Find out how easy it is to “Open a Games Room with Virtual Reality” thanks to the formula we have studied and tested.

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