extremely realistic experience

Free VR Arena

It is the most exciting and incredible adventure on the edge between real and virtual. Embrace the Technological Marvel: Unlock a VR Experience Like No Other, Beyond Imagination!

→ 6 Players
→ Absolute Freedom: Unleash Unparalleled Movement, No Backpacks or Cables Holding You Back
→ Player VS Player mode

“Welcome to the age of Virtual Reality!
Step into the Extraordinary: Immerse Yourself in a Parallel Realm of Unparalleled Experiences with our Revolutionary Free VR System Break Free from Boundaries: Unleash Your Imagination as Your Senses Soar Beyond Physical Limitations Seize the Opportunity to Become a Star in the Future of Entertainment: Don’t Let this Remarkable Journey Pass You By
Starting a business with this popular and fun attraction has never been so easy, profitable and desirable.

Strengths of Free Room Arena

The highest profitability

Of all the VR systems it is the one that collects the most

Wifi Syistem

Unbounded Freedom with Seamless Wireless Mobility

The most complete Game Suite

15 different VR Games and Ever-Expanding Library of Unmatched Experiences


Up to 6 Players

It is an advanced system that also allows you to play 3vs3

No special equipment required

All you need is visors and controllers

Unique device

How is it different?

It is not reality, and the conscious mind is aware of it. It is Only Reasonable to Acknowledge the Illusion, Yet the Eyes, Senses, and Emotions Unite to Create Profound and Undeniably Authentic Experiences.


It is the most advanced gaming software in the world

Unleash Your Creative Autonomy: Craft Unique and Intuitive ‘Game Maps’ with Endless Customization Possibilities using Our Revolutionary System
Each time the adventure will always be different and more exciting! It’s all already available.
Simply put, you will never get tired of trying it and bringing it back!

Two in one

Creative Software

Create your own original and always different adventures

Management software

Keep all game and business parameters under control


VR equiments

6 technological rifles equipped with sensors, recoil effect and charge indicators

Oculus Visors

6 Cutting-Edge Oculus Quest 2 Headsets, 6 Controllers, and Additional Batteries for Uninterrupted Adventures


Complete Server

With 7 gaming PCs, monitors, WiFi transmission system and management software


MultiPlayer VR

Build Lasting Loyalty: Forge Tournaments and Competitions with Teams of Up to 6 Players


5 good reasons to invest in the virtual entertainment sector

In case you missed it, the demand for these kinds of experiences is growing all the time. Embrace the Virtual Revolution: Witness the Soaring Popularity of VR Hardware, including Headsets and Motion Controllers, as People Discover and Delight in the Immersive Realm of Entertainment

Enter the Era of Exponential Innovation: Within the Virtual Reality Sector, Every Passing Minute Unveils New Frontiers, Delivering Unprecedented Levels of Immersion and Captivating Gaming Experiences. The result? Always new and therefore always attractive!

Enter the Era of Exponential Innovation: Within the Virtual Reality Sector, Every Passing Minute Unveils New Frontiers, Delivering Unprecedented Levels of Immersion and Captivating Gaming Experiences. The result? Always new and therefore always attractive!

You will have understood by now that VR can be used for multiple purposes, from gaming to movies to education to work. With a little imagination and a pinch of initiative, you can renew and expand your new business in a thousand different ways, earning unexpected figures!

Seize the Opportunity, Embrace Success: By Smartly Investing Today, You’ll Garner a Crucial Edge over Competitors and Astutely Claim a Leadership Position in Record Time

in conclusion

The moment is the right one and the market is the right one. Are you the right one?

Why choose Free VR by Virtual Play

Suitable for groups

Up to 6 people can play against each other or against the artificial intelligence at the same time

Regular updates

We are constantly developing new VR scenarios, locations, modes and characters to ensure innovation, attraction and retention.

Realistic experience

Experience a New Level of Authenticity as the Handle's Ergonomics and Rifle Recoil Simulation Combine to Deliver Unparalleled Realism


The Fusion of Fierce Competition and a Plethora of Dynamic Scenarios Ensures Maximum Replay Value, Guaranteeing Nonstop Excitement

Great experience

Over Two Decades of Trust: With 22+ Years in the Industry, We Assure Utmost Professionalism and Unwavering Technical Support to Guide Your Project's Path to Success.

Freedom of Movement

Our futuristic system does not require heavy and bulky backpacks or cables.

Impossible to replicate at home

The hardware and software technology used combined with the sensory experience provided is impossible to replicate in domestic environments.


We provide 12 months warranty on all devices as well as multilingual technical support and assistance.

Free movement


You will have a huge space where you can move freely and challenge your friends in teams of up to 3 against three or all against the game (PVE\PVP).

Free vr arena from the world

Team Building

Other uses

It won’t just leave a unique and lasting impression on your employees or collaborators, but it will also be an enriching educational journey. In fact, it is suitable for corporate events with the aim of increasing the team’s soft skills. Areas of particular development: Communication, Teamwork and Leadership.


How is it going for those who have already invested in VIRTUAL PLAY?

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Frequent asked questions

Yes it is, if:
- you have no experience in running a business
- you think that the profit is generated only by paying the cost of the token
- your franchisor has the same destination as you
- you seek the certainty of a method and a guide so as not to improvise
- franchisor does not apply royalties

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to determining the appropriate size or number of simulators for a VR arcade or park. It's best to develop a project that is tailored to the local territory, aligned with the needs, possibilities, and expectations of the proponent, and takes into account the market demand and competition in the area.

We are a company that specializes in the production and partly exclusive distribution of these items. We always have machinery in stock and therefore ready for delivery. The variables to keep in mind are:
- availability of necessary financial resources
- location availability and possible adaptation
- project implementation
- authorization request

On average from 40 to 60 days

We foresee the rental only for corporate events, parties, anniversaries and in any case of a temporary nature. We do not adopt long-term rental as we prefer to advise the purchase which in this case is more convenient for our customer.

This really depends on the business model. The business model adopted in Virtual Play franchising makes it possible to obtain minimum revenues of around 600k per year with an average investment.

You do the math:
up to 6 people can play at the same time, and the average ticket varies from 10 to 30 euros.

It is the software that goes fast. The machines are much more long-lived.
Today, there are simulations available for almost every type of experience, and our machines are designed to accommodate them all. As our machines are updatable, they will always remain current with the latest software, ensuring that they stay relevant and engaging for customers.

It depends on your earning expectations and your financial availability. You can select from various formats, with a starting point of 29k, to begin experiencing the profitability of this endeavor.

It can vary based on several factors:
- player skill
- knowledge of technology and the game
- manager setting

On average from 10 to 25 minutes

You can manage:
- type of game
- technology to be employed
- duration
- difficulty in part

You are about to choose a partner who will support you in the launch, growth and development phases

Shall we open Free Vr Arena together?

We believe so much in this business that we are willing to invest in it together with you!
Want to know how to become a partner?

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