KAT WALK Professional

Kat walk Mini S

Omnidirectional platform for VR walking and running simulation.

It is the most famous system for experiencing total immersion.

Kat Walk is synonymous with freedom of movement in VR environments. The Kat Walk omnidirectional platform, inspired by a famous Hollywood movie, allows you to walk, run, bend, dodge, stand up, and rotate 360° safely, thanks to the carefully designed system and specialized harnesses.

See how it works

Freedom of movement and gaming without any obstacles!

The Kat Walk system is the only one that allows the complete immersion of the player in the virtual dimension. “Only by removing the VR headset at the end of the game will you realize that you have returned to reality.”

In less than 5 minutes, the player will be ready to travel, visit places, and engage in sports.

Where it cannot be missing.
In all entertainment activities for a wide range of users, especially:
→ In modern VR arcades with virtual reality simulators.
→ VR training courses (in this case, an editor is available that allows the insertion of customizable content thanks to the SDK).
→ Events with virtual reality, sensational experiences in complete freedom and safety for companies, conventions, parties, celebrations, etc…

Additional Uses
KAT Walk VR is also used in various gaming environments, such as hang gliding, skiing, professional training in hazardous settings, etc., all in complete safety.

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