3-in-one interactive projector

All-in-one projector (wall, table, floor) (i).

Among interactive gaming systems, this solution is the most versatile and revolutionary. Both in terms of usage, installation type, and the audience it can engage It is possible to use it for wall projection, floor projection, and table projection. The experience will be amplified, and the gaming emotions will be intense because you will feel as if you are inside the challenge.
Fun for children aged 3 to 12 years for wall projections, while usage on tables or floors is suitable for teenagers and advertising purposes

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Interactive 3-in-1 projector, an innovation in the field of entertainment, what sets it apart from classic interactive floors? The possibility of installing it on different surfaces like walls, tables, or floors, and it can also be used as a video projector thanks to the switch function.
More than 20 games available, both multiplayer and single-player, suitable for all ages. Thanks to its versatility, it is perfect for every location: restaurants, play areas, cruise ships, theme parks, and more. The power on and off operations are performed using a network switch or keyboard.
Quick installation, does not require any operator for operation, and needs minimal maintenance.

included games
20 games currently included (constantly integrating new ones and updating the existing ones).

Generic games, popping or hitting balloons, hitting the mole as it comes out of its hole, slicing fruits, catching ducks, etc. These games offer a wide variety of interactive experiences and entertainment for users of all ages.


Led lamp of 3600 ANSI lumens used is guaranteed for 15,000h of work
The ability for remote control and assistance with LAN connectivity, configuration keyboard, and
wireless button for turning it on.
Distance between projector and projection Projection width Projection height ratio 0.49:1
Self-configuration and management
User Friendly Platform
Multiplayer Function
Free or comparison coin function
220V power supply
Total consumption 900W
WOL electronic ignition
Pc Windows 10 Pro
Processor Di 11a Gen N6005 16G DDR4/512G SSD
Mini Computer Desktop
Dual Wifi Support, Bt4.2, Win11, 4K HD, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI+VGA+DP

Our KIT includes

  • User Friendly Platform
  • Multiplayer Function
  • 220V power supply
  • Total consumption 900W
  • Weight 5 kg
  • Duration of the lamp >15,000 hr
  • WOL electronic ignition
  • 20 mixed games for both the floor and the wall.
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