Magical beach

Magical beach (I)

This attraction combines the dynamism of digital environments with the flexibility and tactile sensation of special sand that completes the play area. ChatGPT Together with real scenic elements such as buckets, spades, and donuts, our special software will recreate magical and tranquil atmospheres, just like those of a beach. You can save stranded fish, create water puddles to transfer mollusks, and create connecting channels between lakes. Creativity will have no limits, even for parents who can challenge each other to see who can catch more fish, thus achieving a higher score.

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The play area is constituted by the “container” area where the sand is arranged. ChatGPT A series of elements (bucket, shovel, rake) complete the gameplay gestures and are useful for interacting with virtual projections and for the purposes of the planned games.
The system can detect heights (sand peaks and holes) and project dynamic visual effects accordingly.
Depending on the ongoing game, it is possible to accumulate points by fishing, moving animals from one tank to another, or digging with the provided accessories.
This type of game offers valuable educational opportunities, promoting collaboration, participation, teamwork, and overall cognitive and motor skills development.
Magical Beach is ideal for nurseries, shopping centers, and various play areas that have enough space to accommodate “the beach.” It provides a unique and interactive experience for children, fostering creativity and engagement.

Included games

Four games, continuously updated and expanded.


Led lamp of 3600 ANSI lumens used is guaranteed for 15,000h of work
The ability for remote control and assistance with LAN connectivity, configuration keyboard, and
wireless button for turning it on.
Distance between projector and projection Projection width Projection height ratio 0.49:1
Self-configuration and management
User Friendly Platform
Multiplayer Function
Free or comparison coin function
220V power supply
Total consumption 900W
WOL electronic ignition
Pc Windows 10 Pro
Mini Computer Desktop
Dual Wifi Support, Bt4.2, Win11, 4K HD, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI+VGA+DP

Our KIT includes

  • 1 Projector
  • 1 computer
  • 1 laser
  • 1 camera
  • 1 remote control.
  • 1 projector holder
  • 1 wireless mouse and keyboard
  • 1 remote switch
  • 4 games

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