Desks and sofas: the exclusive VP design.

Innovation and originality for Virtual Play Arena: this is how we welcome you.

In each Virtual Play-branded VR room, we set up a series of elements that make it unique and diverse, and we are not just talking about the various simulators or virtual reality machines present.

Look at these images: desks and sofas are accessory elements, we know that, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be attractive and adhere to the innovative and futuristic design that we want to recreate when we open a cutting-edge venue like Virtual Play Arena.

Our desks and sofas feature a design rich in details and are strictly designed and manufactured in our production department, using the classic company colors: sky blue and black.

these are classic elements, but they are reimagined in style and form, adding that futuristic touch that can attract and captivate the younger audience.

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About our DESK:

  • Size: 182x116x56 cm
  • Colors: Blue and black
  • Use: Reception/Administration
  • Materials: Wood with painted coating.

Features of our sofa:

  • Size: 122x87x69 cm
  • Colors: Blue and black
  • Use: For waiting, resting, and fostering connections.
  • Materials: Wood with painted coating.

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