In L’Aquila, the first Virtual Play Food room

L'Aquila wins Italy's first Virtual Play Franchise hall

Of the many candidates vying to ground the first flag of our franchise, it was the l’Aquila location that came out on top, thanks to the tenacity and determination of Davide and Simone.
Indeed, they are the protagonists of the story we are telling today, and it has to do with friendship, family, trust and esteem between two boys who together in life have seen a lot and yet have not stopped planning, always together, even happy days.

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Virtual Play L'Aquila: How this story begins.

It is Davide’s first contact initiative toward franchising.

A chef by profession and a gamer by pure passion, the idea had flashed through his mind that perhaps, through our brand, he could try to connect those two worlds by building a single, ambitious business project.

So Davide jumped in his car and set out for our studios in Spigno Saturnia (LT).

For our part, we immediately had a very good impression of him: not only had he seemed like a determined guy with a great passion for this industry, but also extremely knowledgeable and capable in the field of catering and business management. Not least, a quick glance at his culinary creations convinced us that, at his own, he was really good and, moreover, also very well known and respected.

So many cards to play, in short: Davide was without a shadow of a doubt the model affiliate we were looking for.

Virtual Play L’Aquila: the application for funding.

Beyond the already-emerging potential of Davide and his “Virtual Play + Food” project, the most complex stumbling block in setting up his store was, as is often the case, the budget.

We then proposed to him to turn to our partner firm SP Studios – Easy Facilitated Finance, which is precisely in charge of studying credit access solutions based on the demographic, geographical and personal parameters of our clients.

It worked: within a few months, Davide was successful and set out to find a suitable venue for his grand project.

Virtual Play L’Aquila: the training and involvement of Simone

As is always the case, all Virtual Play affiliates participate in the “Feed Your Mind” training masterclass for future entrepreneurs, held quarterly at our studios.

And it was on that occasion that we also had the pleasure of meeting Simone, Davide’s cousin who, from what they told us in those days, is a bit like his little brother.

Shy or perhaps just a little more reserved, Simone followed all the lectures with great interest and only “came out” at the time of the final interview, telling us of his deep admiration for his cousin Davide and his unconditional confidence in the project he involved him in.

In the course of that interview, a small excerpt of which we are publishing, Davide and Simone opened up and spoke to us from the heart about the past, the present and the future, firmly intending to live and do everything together as it has always been.

They were minutes filled with emotion and sincere affection, culminating in an emotional hug that we will never forget.

The interview:

Virtual Play L'Aquila: the opening

On October 7, 2022, the L’Aquila office finally opened its doors, crowning David’s dream and, consequently, Simone’s as well.

Our cameras captured the best moments of the event and guests’ warm impressions at the end of each virtual hall experience.

Here then are some images from that day:

The opening event

The L’Aquila office is now operational at 19 Star Eusanio Street.
To Davide and Simone our best of luck for all that is to come!

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