Virtual Play Torino opens its doors

In Turin, the first Virtual Play center in northern Italy

It bears the date of November 25, 2022, the inaugural event of the Virtual Play room in Turin, an activity that Mimmo and Rino, longtime colleagues and friends, strongly desired and eventually realized.

What we tell you today is therefore their story.

The first time we dealt with them, we immediately sensed that this was not the usual call from gaming enthusiasts imagining a different future or aspiring to turn a passion into a job.

In fact, Mimmo and Rino are two entrepreneurs and have a background that is definitely in line with the business developed with us: they have been operating together in the automotive industry for over 30 years, and in all that time they have grown up, seen each other form a family, and even their children are friends and peers.

And it was for them that the idea of the Virtual Play center was born

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Membership and Masterclass

From the first call to affiliation, the step was short: after all, when you have clear ideas and concrete plans, you don’t need much else to move forward.

Entering the franchise project, however, created a real opportunity to meet Mimmo and Rino and get to know them better: the “Feed Your Mind” Masterclass, a full immersion of entrepreneurial training that is mandatory for all our franchisees.

With them we also saw their respective sons Luca and Simone arrive, young, enterprising and hungry to learn about the world of 360-degree immersive experience.

When we interviewed them, all four of them lined up nicely in the StarPalace showroom, the dads explained that the idea of the hall is meant to be the opportunity and legacy they leave to their children; the sons, on the other hand, confessed to us that they hope to build the solid and true partnership they got to know through their dads.

As for us, all this sincere love even moved us a little.

The past and the future: choosing the venue

Upon their return from the Masterclass, Mimmo and Rino, on the wave of enthusiasm accumulated from the training days, wasted no time and chose the venue that now houses their business.

Not an easy choice, to be honest: the facility was not the most convenient option and perhaps not even the smartest, or at least not on paper.

ots of renovation work to be done, and really big up-front costs to deal with.

On the other hand, such impressive square footage is not found around every corner in Turin, and that location, a large warehouse that had once been a television factory, might even have been the best option on the market.

The owner-now retired but deeply attached to the place-then suggested a fair solution for everyone: the large spaces at the new Virtual Play Torino, a small area at the entrance commemorating what the place had once stood for.

And so it is that today a small museum of antique televisions paves the way for the latest technology, taking the user from the past to the future in just a few steps.

The opening of Virtual Play Torino

With the renovations completed and all the fittings and equipment delivered, around the end of 2022 Mimmo, Rino and their sons finally opened their doors to the public.

Theirs is a “full-featured” hall: driving and flight simulators, VR motorcycles, 9D cinema, Kat Vr, Kat Loco, Free VR and all kinds of themed setups have been installed inside.

The event, also promoted with the help of territorial influencers, hosted a flood of people for hours on end: curious and enthusiastic people from all over the city dropped by to discover the pioneering entertainment proposal of our leading players.

The inauguration of Virtual Play Torino: the official images

The entire Virtual Play operations team was obviously involved in the opening event. With the occasion, we were able to document the beginning of success through breathtaking photos and videos.
This is how it went:

What happened next

We are in continuous contact with the Turin office, and a few months later, we are happy to report that in order to access the Virtual Play Turin games on weekends, you have to patiently stand in line and wait up to two hours before you can start enjoying the fun.

In fact, apparently the hall is a hit and records sold out from Thursday to Sunday, more or less every week.

But by now it is clear that our affiliates are not people who are content or resting on their laurels: Mimmo and Rino are already hard at work making functional and strategic changes to the entire dining area and improving its service, as well as to the parties and events area, which is already experiencing an initial surge just these days.

Our best of luck to Virtual Play Torino.

We have come to know and appreciate Mimmo, Rino, Luca and Simone: humility, drive and enthusiasm have guided their affiliation journey so far, and we are convinced that, with these assumptions, they will go a long way in this sector.

Our wish is that they will always be able to stay on the crest of the wave and never change.

Have a good business

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