VR without motion limitation

VR in this time of emergency

Coronavirus is putting a strain on all of us, forcing us every day to experience moments of loneliness and despondency that are difficult to overcome.

But let’s also look on the bright side, this emergency is giving us the opportunity to stop and think about new directions to take in order to always make a business and non-business activity profitable.

In spite of everything, VR right now continues to thrive by bringing new things to the market that are all to be discovered.

We at Virtual Play love to update ourselves continuously, we are curious, true market research enthusiasts.

So we found that VR finally overcame some of its limitations, creating state-of-the-art devices that allow people to experience augmented reality without the aid of classic desktop computers or to be carried anywhere they want.

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Concept of Virtual Reality

Many foreign companies have revolutionized the concept of virtual reality by creating and designing new types of virtual game arenas, among a variety of existing attractions.

We are talking about huge arenas the size of a tennis court!

Children and adults of any age, up to a maximum total of 8 people, can enter here.

But What Happens Inside This Arena?
That’s what struck us the most. You experience a fully immersive adventure, as happens when simulators such as KAT VR and many others are used. Once wearing a visor, a backpack pc (born in recent times) and a controller, each player can access a game from those offered by the computer itself and thus begin a fun and exciting game.

Also, as mentioned earlier, once inside the arena, you are free to move around to explore and fight according to the game itself.

All this, thanks to a great innovation represented by the absence of cables or walls, which could only get in the way of these virtual adventures.

As for the themes of the games that can be accessed, there are many and all different from each other (battles against zombies, wars with soldiers with futuristic armor, and much more), but with one common feature: defeating opponents using precisely the controller as one’s weapon.

But let’s take a closer look at the devices that enable this.


Graphic details that alter reality. Wearing these headphones means perceiving crystal-clear audio for ambient sound and group communications.


The VR experience is powered by a high-performance computer housed in a special backpack intelligently designed for maximum comfort.


Designed to fully immerse you in the gaming experience, giving you the ultimate precision to interact with the virtual world.


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