Virtual Play and the new partner network for the near future

Virtual Play Franchising

In spite of the obstacles and difficulties generated by the Coronavirus, Virtual Play Franchising is experiencing a particularly prosperous time in recent weeks.

So many new franchisees throughout Italy have decided to bet on this original and innovative business, which lends itself among other things to being much safer-in terms of health protection-than many other activities.

In fact, our rooms are designed, by their very nature, to fully respect the distances between machines and also have hygienic standards in line with current mandatory procedures.

In the general overview of the entertainment industry, VR rooms are a distinctive feature amidst a saturated sea of tried-and-true attractions, and so it is not surprising that demand is increasing so dramatically.

But we always have our eyes on the future, and our research does not rest on our laurels.

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We are fielding new proposals with the goal of making Virtual Play a zero-risk business

As a Franchise, it is our primary interest to make our halls a business with safe and solid success. To do this, we know that operating in total solitude is not the wisest choice.

That is why we are increasingly working in networks with others who can add value and services to our already attractive offerings.

We believe that recreational offerings should increasingly evolve toward Family Entertainment

Virtual reality is undoubtedly a popular passion and craze among the very young, but deep down we know that just about everyone likes it, including children and adults of all ages.

Involving these categories then becomes important to broaden the audience of a hall rather than ghettoizing it in favor of a small number of teenagers. Here, then, it becomes necessary to add some ancillary areas to the service offerings: space for children, for example, or restaurant, party room, and so on.

And that is exactly what we are doing.

After the proven partnership with the PlayZone Italy franchise, we are also closing strategic commercial agreements with other related brands, with a view to an increasingly comprehensive and engaging “network” of services.

In short, we want to offer entire families a place for gathering and entertainment, where everyone can find their perfect habitat without worrying about making sure everyone is okay or having fun.

Isn’t that a great idea?

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