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Twitch and Facebook Gaming: the platforms of success

According to reports by Stream Elements and, the platforms are experiencing a real golden period, which point out that the number of hours viewed doubled, in relation to the month of January 2021, compared to the same in 2020: they achieved precisely +117%, coming to the conclusion that from year to year streaming increases its success exponentially.

However, let us first look at what these types are and how they work.

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What are these platforms and how do they work?

Twitch, the community of gamers (and more): undoubtedly the platform was created to satisfy the need of video game fanatics (now elevated to the status of e-sports) to follow the games of professionals, discover their tricks, and share with them sufferings and successes, but other streamers choose to bring content other than gaming, such as drawing and art, discussion and debate, live music, creative shows, and more.
The current streaming-game is very reminiscent of the kind of gathering that took place in the bars of the 1980s, when huddles formed around the champion of the day, hunched over the joystick of Scramble or Wonder Boy.

Facebook, successful free straming: one does not necessarily have to download games or buy subscriptions, it will be enough to have a smartphone or computer to play one’s favorite titles or to start a live streaming with friends: a bit like it was the union of Twitch and Google Stadia in short. Users will be able to create a nickname and a personalized avatar-if you don’t want to use your name or personal profile information; while reactions and rewards will be visible on social where you can challenge friends and acquaintances, who will try to win through better scores.

What makes it so successful?

Chat, the heart of the community: each live broadcast in progress has an instant messaging chat through which viewers can interact with the streamer. Chat brings out the community of viewers that aggregates around a channel. The interesting thing is that, unlike on other social media, the streamer tends to interact, answering questions from his fans (the most popular ones use moderators, called “mods,” to keep the chat from getting out of control).

It is free and mostly live: those who have a channel do not upload video, but broadcast live and/or keep the latter available on the profile. This situation profoundly affects the viewers’ experience because it instills the idea of an unrepeatable moment, open to the unexpected. On YouTube, live feeds are a viable option, but they are not the predominant choice of Creators.

Other key information

– In fact, the highlight of the app is precisely that it makes streaming, and consequently instant Facebook games (yes, the ones that tell you who you’ll be spending quarantine with or what you’ll look like in 10 years) and video game-related groups and pages immediately accessible

– In addition, the facebook app also offers the go live feature to launch a live stream on the social network, as well as to discover and take a closer look at the latest esport news and find virtual friends, also designed to facilitate earnings for content creators and, on the other hand, for those who enjoy watching and commenting on online challenges between video players.

– Here are the direct links for the two platforms, Twitch: – Facebook Gaming:

A practical example of streaming

An example of successful streaming on Twitch, is that of pro player aka Paolo Cannone, who has been bringing content related to competitive gaming of the League of Legends game for years. Just follow one of his live streams and you will be immediately immersed in the pro player’s world of gaming, entertainment, cultural settings (also Family Friendly) with a relaxing touch of lo-fi/chill music. All this has made Paul an “Idol” for the Twitch community, and beyond!

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