The re-start of VR rooms: what to do

Opening a VR business

No one expected a global pandemic. But we all have to deal with it.

If you were looking to the future with optimism before March 9 to the point that you were planning to open a VR room, chances are that you have been assailed by doubts and fears in recent months.

Maybe you thought you needed to revise your plans.

Understandable, but wrong: there is no need to give up your dreams, you just need to adapt them to the new situation.

The Coronavirus emergency has disrupted much of our daily routines and suddenly imposes a long list of safety procedures on us. This applies to all industries indiscriminately, but especially those that have to do with entertainment.

Here then is a set of useful guidelines for running a VR room even in this delicate situation.

Here's what you'll find in this article

Rules that apply to everyone: users and hall staff

Wash hands often

Clean hands are essential in the hall as you handle commonly used tools.
Washing hands with soap and water is the mother rule for containing infection.

Where this is not possible, you can rub them with an alcohol-based disinfectant gel (at least 70 percent).

Observe the safe distance

Mother rule no. 2 is to maintain the social distance of at least 1 meter by avoiding any form of gathering.

This may mean managing entrances in a cadenced manner to avoid crowds.

Use of the mask

Masks should cover the nose, mouth and chin and should be worn in enclosed places where contact with other people may occur. However, the adoption of the mask does not preclude observance of the safety distance of at least one meter.

Coughing or sneezing in public

Anyone who feels the need to cough or sneeze should have the readiness to do so within their elbow or a disposable tissue that can be thrown away immediately afterward. It remains advisable to wash hands after handling.

Obligations of the staff

All staff in the room should have hand sanitizing gel containing at least 70 percent alcohol on hand.

Disinfection of equipment in the room

Equipment cleanliness is of paramount importance in preventing infection.
Whenever an appliance is used, an antibacterial wipe should be used on all areas that have come in contact with hands, face and body.

After wiping, if surfaces remain damp, wipe with disposable cloths, taking care to ensure that all areas are clean and dry.

The use of an alcohol-based solution may also be considered, but this should be taken before closing in the evening and not before passing the visor to the next person, as it may cause skin reactions.

Cleaning the viewers

Visors are a dangerous vehicle of contagion in VR rooms as they come in contact with eyes, nose, mouth and sweat.

Therefore, it is extremely important to have disposable covers that can be applied inside the viewer.
The lenses, internally, can be cleaned with a disposable antibacterial cloth and then dried with a disposable tissue.

Room staff training

Room staff should be well informed about the new measures to be taken.
It is not only about maintaining hygiene or understanding well how to clean equipment, but also about managing the flow of people, mitigating doubts and uncertainties, and recognizing potentially dangerous situations.
If symptomatic clients are present, staff should know inside out the mandatory procedures to be taken.
Therefore, the advice is to prepare insiders in compliance with government, national and local regulations.
On their preparation depends, after all, the re-start of your business.

Franchising is better

Starting a VR room is not impossible by taking appropriate precautions.
But if you choose a franchise solution, you will have the advantage of always having a reference guide to deal with difficulties.
Virtual Play has already made all the necessary precautions available to its affiliates.


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