Surgery 4.0: all about augmented reality

World's first fully guided surgery using Augmented Reality

Last February, the world’s first surgery entirely guided through Augmented Reality took place.

It happened in Italy, exactly at Sant’Orsola in Bologna. All thanks to the Vostars (Video and Optical See Through Augmented Reality Surgical Systems) project, whose goal is precisely to bring this technology into operating rooms to support surgeons and medical progress.

Several months have passed since this miraculous surgery, and while the patient enjoys a well-deserved recovery, the scientific community continues to question the use of helmets in the operating room.

To date, despite this unprecedented success, there is in fact no device designed specifically for surgery, and already several studies have shown that the naked eye reacts differently (and better) than when wearing a lens.

In any case, the operation conducted in February marked a step in medical history and is a first, important milestone of union between current technology and scientific application.

But let’s understand exactly what happened in that room.

Here's what you'll find in this article

What can be done with Virtual or Augmented Reality is truly amazing. We, for now, just tell about its miraculous applications and have fun with its tools!

Do as we do!


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