Kat Walk Mini S: the business solution by Kat VR.

Even the industry wants its share, and Kat VR responds with Mini S.

A second-generation VR mat and a unique combination of innovative features make Kat Walk Mini S the ideal tool for many industrial sectors.

Mini S is a business solution optimized primarily for arcades, equipped to ensure maximum ease of use and impeccable experiential efficiency.

This technological gem is capable of unlocking limitless virtual reality spaces, adding incredibly realistic physical sensations through its vibration system, which can be associated with real-life events such as explosions or earthquakes.

Completing the overall picture is an extensive list of accessories useful for replicating hazardous and risky situations in general.

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Multiple technologies for an extraordinary result.

The accessories included with Mini S are designed to provide maximum mobility on the platform, an ultra-realistic sense of movement, and, of course, an extremely believable perception of external events.

That’s because Mini S aims to serve the industrial sector and “train” operators for stressful, dangerous, and anxiety-inducing situations in general.

We have already come to understand how VR technology is capable of supporting, for example, the training activities of military forces as well as firefighters.

In those cases, as we have seen, this incredible technology allows testing the person’s reactive factors: how they behave in a situation of high discomfort, how composed they are in the face of danger, and how quickly and actively they respond.

On the other hand, Kat VR Mini is specifically designed for industrial business and is excellently suited for sectors such as engineering, construction, workplace safety, and general prototyping.

The benefits of Kat Walk Mini S

Beyond the intended utility for which Mini S is designed, Kat’s newborn model signifies opportunities in terms of size (with a minimal footprint of just 1.37 square meters) and efficiency: in fact, a single PC is sufficient to easily control multiple devices.

Indeed, significant innovations have been made regarding the software, and as a result, the business platform, with VR MIS (Multiplayer Infinite-walking Space Solution), can now ensure excellent performance with minimal expenditure of IT workforce.

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