Kat Walk C – a roundup of records

The VR Treadmill

We have already told you about the KAT Walk C, the VR treadmill recently launched and funded on Kickstarter by parent company Kat VR.

What we have not told you with the proper emphasis, however, is what happened as soon as the project was launched on the well-known crowdfunding platform.

In fact, commenting on the episode seems incumbent given that the latest Kat VR seems to have broken literally every record: three minutes, just three minutes reaching the full amount of funding from users!

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A few minutes to fund Kat Walk C

The total needed for the production of the “Home Edition” treadmill amounted to $100,000. When the project opened (the time when it is officially possible to start donating on Kickstarter) this amount was reached in full, precisely, only 3 minutes later.

But it didn’t end there.

At the moment, there are still a handful of days left until the close of donations, which means the project is still open on the platform.

And it reached a staggering amount.

Described as a “gamer-ready VR treadmill,” KAT Walk C has not ceased to fascinate network users who have continued to pour money into its realization.

At present, there are about 1362 supporters who have been willing to contribute spontaneously in various ways.

And do you know what figure was reached?


Certainly the company’s several published KAT Walk C videos will have contributed, showing how the integration of a functional treadmill into a VR system actually works.

“A next-generation mechanical device that enables 360-degree movement, creating an infinite range of motion in VR on the minimal physical space in reality,” The Kickstarter description reads.

The description is extremely detailed.

The hardware is suitable for simulating walking, running and other movements such as squatting, spinning, tilting and more in the real world.

In short, Kat Walk C certainly looks to become the next generation of equipment that serves as a support for VR viewers.

Structurally Kit Walk C looks very similar to other products in the same category it is smaller and designed precisely for home use. This allows its users to walk freely in virtual reality worlds without requiring boundless spaces.

Kat Walk C is scheduled to be released in October 2020, while the price, which includes a device, a pair of shoes, and related sensors, is around $999, about 890 euros for us.


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