Is the near future of events in VR? Aggregating in the era of Covid-19

VR for organizing events in the time of Coronavirus. Can it be done?

At a time like the one we are living through and which now involves all of us in the world, wondering what the future might be for the sectors most at risk of contagion is normal, not to say necessary.

In a few days, the so-called Phase 2 begins in Italy, which includes a relaxation of restrictive measures and the reopening of some production sectors. At the presentation of the new Decree, Conte mentioned some realities but nothing new emerged on the subject of events.

Not surprising, of course: at a time in history when enemy no. 1 is aggregation, talking about events is pure unconsciousness. But this is only because we refer to events as they have always been conceived, namely in presents and with assemblage of people.

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But Times Have Changed And Today Events Are Possible In Virtual Reality

A virtuous example in this regard comes to us from HTC, which reacted to the Coronavirus situation by organizing the first industrial conference 100% in VR.

The conference will be held thanks to ENGAGE, a virtual reality platform for education developed by Immersive VR Education.

It is a platform that is simple to use but has many possibilities: meetings, presentations, classes and events can be organized there among trainers and students all over the world.

Second Life

World-class events have also been held on the platform developed by the creators of Second Life, namely the first Virtual Reality Festival.

During the festival, people could experience interactive games and musical performances in VR, all from the comfort of their couch at home.

We are aware that nothing in the world can replace human contact-there is not and never will be a platform capable of returning this to us.

But as we wait for the whole world to return to a situation of normalcy, VR offers innovative and effective solutions so that we don’t miss anything we care about.

And still, even in ordinary situations, it is a must experience!

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