Seizing opportunities from problems

It is no secret that the recent Coronavirus pandemic is increasingly debilitating our country, our families and businesses.

At the corporate level, despite the alternative measures of smart-working, it still requires a review of all programs and activities.

From production down to the commercial and communications-related departments: the unexpected and totally unprecedented events caused by COVID-19 upset the order of priorities.

Being completely displaced at first is normal, but reacting to this situation is strictly necessary. In this regard, it can certainly be said that every problem, big or small, always brings with it an opportunity.

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Having A Moment To Dedicate To That For Which We Previously Had No Time Is An Opportunity

For each of us, the number of actions we have been putting off for a long time is truly out of proportion, and we’ll let you in on a secret: Virtual Play is no exception!

Inspired by the many market researches (which we are constantly conducting), during this period we began to think about the distribution and sale of new virtual reality attractions, which are always innovative and in step with the times.

Among them is a brand new one: HADO GAME.

HADO, the novelty in competitive sports

A new discipline recently popularized in Eastern countries, Hado is a techno sport in which two teams face each other in 3 consecutive matches.

The uniqueness of this new game comes from the Augmented Reality factor, in fact it is forbidden to play HADO, without wearing a VR visor and arm sensors.

It can be said that Hado Game is the evolution of the famous game called Dodgeball or handball , which we all know.

With a special feature: to be thrown are no longer simple rubber balls, but real energy balls, to be dodged or parried, through a virtual shield system.

But how do you win at this game? Obviously eliminating all opponents of the opposing team.

Essential Thing: In This Game It Is Important To Have Reflexes Always Ready And Great Agility Of Movement

Hado Game allows you to enter and experience a real battle between warriors who are ready for anything to win, striking, dodging and blocking as many as they can, so many energy spheres (visible only with the visor, but also in the viewer screen) fired simultaneously.

A new attraction spread around the world between tournaments and leagues, which will soon arrive in Italy as well.

And we are ready to seize this new opportunity and enrich our offerings with ever new and original entertainment.


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