E-sport as you’ve never seen it before!

The e-Sports World

In recent years when talking about entertainment and technology, it is hard not to come across the world of e-sports.

In addition to being the new frontier of arcade entertainment, they now represent an investment sector with notoriously crazy potential.

And so we at Virtual Play chose not to be caught unprepared and launched our usual research to offer the best of the best in this regard.

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Battle Station: our answer on the subject of e-sports

The basic idea is to provide all Virtual Play customers with a functional and comprehensive mini arena for the optimal enjoyment of e-sports. But we know our industry well, and we know that it is the management of the area that makes the real difference for them.

For this reason, our “Stations” are equipped with automatic systems for time-based management and immediate collection through various payment methods, from cash to Apple Pay, including credit and contactless cards.

Battle Station – Arena 3 vs. 3

The first solution we propose involves 6 players in total, 3 on one side and another 3 on the other side.

The stations have an ergonomic and high-quality gaming set-up. The game board is made of wood and covered with a specific, water-resistant surface that is ideal for mice and other gaming devices. All inserts are made of the highest quality plastic and aluminum.

Also very comfortable and impressive are the armchairs, which are perfectly integrated with the gaming station.

Battle Station – 5-on-5 Arena

The second solution we propose involves 10 players in total, 5 on one side and another 5 on the other.

Again, the arena comes complete with all the accessories, with a functional game surface, ultra-comfortable ergonomic armchair and a time management system with integrated payment.

Due to the compact and fully self-contained system, these arenas can be installed anywhere there is enough space, including pre-existing halls or gaming corners within other venues (pubs, restaurants, shopping malls).

Are you interested in the Battle Station Arena?

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