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The entire Virtual Play Team always has its eyes open to any innovations involving VR. During the quarantine period for example, we had already picked up some good news on which we took the time to elaborate. The result of all this research?

Usually, a wide variety of truly unique technological innovations. In the specific case, the incredible CINERA EDGE.

Here's what you'll find in this article

What is this Cinera Edge?

It is basically a new generation of devices for the enjoyment of VR.

Cinera Edge is the world’s first personal cinema HMD viewer, which features dual 2.5 K micro-OLEDs and a Dolby Digital® certified headset, with 5.1 surround sound.

This combination of elements boasts a truly theatrical immersive experience with fantastic audio and video quality, making the device a true mobile cinema.

Cinera Edge reinvigorates movies, TV , but most importantly the gaming experience, taking everyday entertainment to a new level.

A new generation of M-OLEDs

Cinera Edge uses the latest technology called Micro OLED. With this special technology, a drastic reduction in form factor is achieved by compressing the same amount of pixels as Cinera v1.

Cinera Edge has made many significant advances: built-in headphones, real mobility and comfort for long sessions, etc.

Fundamental Aspects Of The New CINERA

Dual Resolution 2560×1440

Each of the Cinera Edge’s two screens offers the amazing 2560×1440 pixels, which are significantly higher than most other products on the market.

Higher resolution provides a sharper image with more detail.

Model Color DCI-P3

Its screen uses the same DCI-P3 color standard that is widely adopted by projection systems used in movie theaters.

The DCI-P3 color space has a much fuller color gamut than conventional sRGB, so Cinera Edge can reproduce more colors more accurately.

Contrast Ratio 500,000: 1

The micro-OLED technology used in Cinera Edge offers an extremely high contrast ratio of 500,000: 1 without causing eye fatigue. On these screens, colors are more vivid and bright. Your eyes will appreciate a wider differentiation between multiple shades of gray.


An OLED screen responds very quickly.

As a result, motion blur is mainly eliminated when viewing fast-moving objects.

It also helps reduce motion sickness when watching VR content.

360-degree immersive experience

Cinera Edge immerses you inside any movie or video game!
Rather than simply watching a movie, with CINERA OLED you LIVE it. You are part of the action and completely immersed in the story being told!

This is all the result of some important factors:

  • 66° wide, 1200″ diagonal -The Cinera Edge screen is equivalent to 1200″ from a distance of 20m and 66° wide from left to right. It is wider than the 54° screens in most cinemas and almost as large as the 70° screen in IMAX® technology.
  • 38 PPD -It is the only HMD viewer that can achieve both a wide FOV and meet the PPD (Pixels per Degree) standard for cinemas. Normally, one has to compromise between quality and dgi size. With Cinera Edge, you can have both!

3D Mode

Unlike the 3D we are used to enjoying at the cinema by wearing 3D glasses, Cinera Edge is a native 3D display that does not require glasses.

Left and Right images are displayed and transmitted to the two eyes without overlapping or being filtered by the glasses. Therefore, the 3D image of Cinera Edge is much brighter than what you will find in theaters.
Cinera Edge also supports Blu-ray 3D, so you can enjoy a large library of high-quality 3D titles with Cinera Edge’s cinema screen.

Audio CINEMA - like

Sound is a key factor in the cinematic experience. A high-quality headset with cinematic configurations has thus been added to the Cinera Edge.
In addition, Cinera Edge is Dolby Digital® certified, so it can flawlessly decode high-quality soundtracks from Blu-ray and streaming video platforms.

Cinera Edge’s audio is optimized to modulate a clear human voice, high spatial accuracy, and wide bass sounds.

Built-in Android system

With a built-in Android operating system, Cinera Edge is as easy to use as your cell phone. Any content on Netflix or HBO can be streamed via Wi-Fi, or local content can be played using a USB drive or micro SD card. Cinera Edge’s touchpad on the right side allows you to quickly scroll through menus.


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