Caught up in virtual world crashes into TV – the viral video

He crashes into the TV

This modern dad got involved in experimenting with VR at home, and the result was … catastrophic.

The video capturing her misadventure was posted on social media by her daughter and went viral within days.

One sees a man, with a visor on his face, immersed in the virtual scenery on top of a skyscraper. He appears very committed to his path-perhaps too much so. It is likely that he entered the game so intensely that he completely forgot that he was in the living room at home.

And so … he launches himself into the void, crashing into the television set.

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The episode of the unfortunate dad struggling with virtual reality certainly brings a smile to the face. However, it also nicely chronicles the effect this technology can have on the person. Immersing ourselves in virtual scenarios means a 360-degree experience that can make us lose touch with reality.

That is why experimentation should always be done in safe, possibly purpose-designed settings such as those of our franchise.


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