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Apple: ''we are working on a VR visor''

The year 2021 is shaping up to be a year full of news for the world-famous brand, which is reportedly working on a VR visor to be unveiled as early as this new year.

The goal of the visor will be to compete with Oculus and PlayStation VR in the terrain of video games, productivity, and the new 3D social vision coming over the next few years.

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What will be ahead?

In short, an important event for the world of augmented reality, made of the most advanced and extremely current technology, however, this time for a smaller audience.

It is precisely reported that the VR visor will operate as a stand-alone peripheral and will be launched at a much higher price than those of competitors Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which range between $300 and $900. Apple’s intent is to enter the market with a device significantly above the market average, so will it be much more expensive than OCULUS RIFT and HTC VIVE? Obviously, yes.

What price will it be available on?

Let’s start with the latter: What will be the likely cost? 3,000, or about ten times the cost of a common virtual reality visor currently on the market, Apple is targeting a high-end niche category with the VR visor.

It is said that the device will be more expensive than rivals in the VR segments, with sales expected to be around one unit per day, per store, small quantities, in short, compared to the company’s fleet of mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers that daily enter consumers’ homes globally.

What features will it have?

There is no doubt that the machio is very design-conscious, so it is a foregone conclusion, moreover, that Apple will spare no expense in the production of its headset, which will be able to boast the company’s “best and most advanced chips” as well as “displays with much more advanced resolution than existing VR products.”

There is talk of possible VR or mixed reality applications, thanks to more than a dozen cameras, to track the movement of your hands and as many sensors called ‘Lidar,’ allowing you to map the room you are in by taking advantage of the same mechanism already seen on the iPad Pro and iPhone 12.

It is also rumored to feature two 8K displays with eye-tracking technology that could offer far higher resolution than current VR devices on the market today, which is why it is justified in costing 5 times more than the cost of buying Oculus Quest 2.

Will it be worth purchasing?

The prototype (because it is still a prototype) may never actually make it to market, and Apple itself has a similar example that led it first to introduce a wireless charger and then to remove it from the catalog, opting for the more congruous and low-profile MagSafe.

If it ever becomes commercially available and, as anticipated, at a much higher price than other competing visors, it will surely be the best of all time, considering both the quality of materials and that of the designs we know well from the Cupertino-based company.

So, those who opt to buy the latter will be taking a leap into the future and super-advanced technology: if you can afford to spend a big amount, taking it will be your biggest bargain in virtual reality ever!


So it will be interesting to find out whether what Bloomberg, the mass media par excellence, reports will materialize with an announcement in the coming months by the U.S. giant, which is probably intent on expanding its interests in the gaming world after the launch of Apple Arcade.

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