Anxiety, stress, fear? Four VR solutions to regain inner balance

VR solutions to regain inner balance

A society such as the one in which we live, always in a rush and obsessed with career and money, inevitably generates states of anxiety and stress.

Not to mention the historical period we are facing, grappling with a global pandemic that shows no signs of slowing down and the constant fear of having to face the emergency firsthand.

Have you paid attention to it? Lately even TV has been offering us pharmaceutical remedies for these kinds of ailments. A sign that there is indeed a market demand for this.

We know many original applications of virtual reality, from the most noble to the most lighthearted, but did you know that it can also be a solution for stress reduction?

Here's what you'll find in this article

Guided meditation to ease tension

A case in point is Guided Meditation VR, an immersive experience to meditate by choosing from 27 nature trails.

Music, ambient noises or an effective voice can be selected to guide us in meditation.

Available on Rift and Steam VR.

Thai Chi with the visor

Same principle, different activity: this is the Guided Thai Chi VR experience, with more than 100 paths including exercises, positions and figures. All of this is perfectly immersed in natural and deeply relaxing environments.

Available on Quest.

Journey around the world with Google Earth

You probably know Google Earth but have never experienced it with a viewer. You can visit any place in the world right at home, if that helps with your anxiety. It is certainly an experience worth trying at least once.

Available for free on Rift and Steam VR.

Immersed in the Ocean with The Blue

The Blue is an incredible underwater journey through which you can have close encounters with whales, swim with sea turtles and admire beautiful corals. An experience that has extraordinary calming power.

Available on Rift and Steam VR.

How do you like these 4 stress relief solutions?

In our opinion, they are worth a try before resorting to drugs. And for the record, they are also worth it not necessarily for therapeutic purposes.

Because while virtual reality can entertain us like few other activities, going through it is always an alternative way of learning about worlds that live, perhaps, we will never have a chance to see.

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