Hado PVP: the first teknosport in AR

The only teknosport in AUMENTED REALITY

The only teknosport in augmented reality finally arrives: HADO PVP

Hado is the first augmented reality teknosport created by the Japanese company MELEAP.
One can immediately guess that it is, indeed, a sport that integrates physical activity and technology.

The Hado platform, in addition to Hado PVP (Player VS Player), can also contain Hado Shoot, Hado Monster, Hado kart and Hado x-ball.

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With Milan Games Week Hado lands in Italy

The first official competition played entirely in HADO PVP also lands in Italy! It will be held during the MILAN GAMES WEEK, November 26-29, 2020.

But what do you need to try the unforgettable experience of HADO PVP?

Well, let’s say right away that you will only need one thing: SPACE!
In fact, the creators recommend playing on a 10 x 6-meter field. In truth, you can safely employ it in tighter spaces (be careful not to end up against the wall)
We, however, also played in rooms that measured 7 x 5 meters, the experience was great, and none of us were hurt in the end.

The lucky ones who managed to try their hand at a tournament played in HADO PvP are mostly season ticket holders for those who practice teknosport.

There have also been presentations and demonstrations of HADO technology at exclusive corporate events, in shopping malls (with obvious space limitations) or at technology-themed events and fairs. The cost was 5 euros for a 5-minute game.

Are you thinking about opening your own HADO hall?

Then we tell you right away that zone exclusivity is defined on the basis of the city and/or province to which it belongs.
There is already the possibility of financing the purchase with an operating lease through Simplyrent, a subsidiary of Banca Intesa San Paolo with which Hado Italia has a conventional agreement.
Financing is possible for up to 48 months. So, it is possible to open a HADO Arena with less than 900 euros per month!

The first HADO ARENA was opened just in the past few days in Agrigento, and also in September it will be possible to try HADO PVP in Udine.
In short, this fantastic technology has officially landed in Italy; in fact, 5 more openings are expected by the end of the year!
Each HADO ARENA will have its own zone exclusivity, which will not allow other venues to open in the same city or province. So if you’ve been thinking about it, you’d better hurry!

There is even already an Italian national selection of HADO players, and they will participate in the European tournament to be held in Saint Raphael, France, in the first week of November

Instead, the World Tournament will be held in Tokyo (and where else?) during the first week of December and will be attended by the Italian champion team that wins the Milan leg.

Technology in the field of virtual reality is making great strides, we just have to keep up with it!

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