Virtual POP Room VR

Interactive virtual room with visors

Virtual Room Vr is ideal for the renter

We designed this Virtual Pop Room attraction with the premise of facilitating access to VR technology for as many users as possible. We firmly believe that Virtual Reality will become one of the main systems of communication, entertainment and remote work and will be able to unite and socialize while not being physically together since moving wastes time and money.
Although the viewer and controller suite is now affordable on average, the uptake in home use is still insignificant, making it possible to develop a business based on the provision of this service.

What are the limitations of using consumer equipment?
For an entertainment hall (arcade) renter or operator, the main need is control of functionality.
Consumer products clearly do not have such systems, they are designed to be activated and spent by the user, The renter, on the other hand, has the need to define the duration of the game, the counter economic value to be charged, and the need to select which experiences to offer by theme or age restrictions.

What solution does Virtual Play’s Virtual Room propose?
We have developed a software application that can enable the renter to manage the main functions he or she needs just to make the viewers a piece of equipment with which to make money. It also inhibits the player from being able to tamper with the settings.

Play area in your choice of two formats
Stand dim: 3x3x3 oppure 2,5×2,5×2,5 mt
Steel frame covered with printed PVC
Totem con Monitor per streaming wifi
Free Vr games included

Kiosk management system with supervised customer control. It remotely allows the choice of game duration and suite of experiences to be offered.


HARDWARE PC optional
TRACKING Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF)With 6DoF technology, the visor tracks head and body movements and then translates them into VR with realistic accuracy. No external sensors are needed.
CONTROLLER Nuovi controller Touch
Meta Quest 2’s Touch controllers are even more ergonomic. A new thumb rest adds stability when needed.

Soft belt
It ensures lightness and comfort for all kinds of players. This soft strap can be adjusted or optimized with ease

Quick-switching LCD display
Resolution of 1832×1920 per eye
Support for 60, 72 and 90 Hz refresh rateCompatibility with glasses

Positional audio 3D integrated directly into the viewer, allowing you to hear your surroundings. The 3.5 mm audio port allows you to play with or without headphones.
Discover new adventures, win epic challenges or relive classic moments from your favorite games, programs and all-in-one experiences.
128 GB | 256 GB
Advanced Gaming VR all-in-one

Visors supplied with your choice of
Oculus Quest 2 Or Pico 4

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