Loco Room VR

Interactive Virtual Room with Kat Loco

In Loco Room Vr in addition to the functions of "Virtual POP Room VR" is included the KAT Loco device.

Each player, in addition to having their own safe and comfortable playing space while wearing the VR headsets and holding the controllers, will also be equipped with the virtual locomotion technology developed by Kat VR. The result: simply by marching in place, it will be possible not only to see in 360 degrees with the VR headset, but also to walk naturally in the virtual environment.

This solution represents a complete system and is among the most requested in the VR gaming halls.

What is KAT Loco?
KAT Loco is a Walk-On-Spot VR movement system that allows for complete physical control over lower body actions, allowing for free walking, running, moving backwards, and performing all other movements necessary for your virtual adventures.
Discover unlimited movement in virtual reality.

Who is it suitable for?
KAT Loco has been specifically developed for VR gaming environments and offers everything you need to enhance your virtual reality experience Our solution meets all the needs of modern VR movement and allows for access to decoupled head and body directions and non-linear speed.

What is it compatible with?
KAT Loco has high compatibility KAT Loco can be used with all SteamVR and PlayStation VR games that support locomotion (e.g. Half Life: Alyx, Boneworks, or Skyrim VR). KAT Loco is compatible with all VR headsets, including Oculus Rift, Rift-S, Quest (via Link), HTC VIVE, VIVE Pro, VALVE Index, WMR, Pimax, and PSVR (via an additional adapter – PiSystem).


Play area in your choice of two formats
Stand dim: 3x3x3 oppure 2,5×2,5×2,5 mt
1 Pc Gaming
1 Visor Oculus Quest or Pico 4
Totem with monitor
Steel frame covered with printed PVC
Totem with monitor for wifi streaming.
Free Vr games included

HARDWARE PC optional

Equipped with


TRACKING Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF)With 6DoF technology, the visor tracks head and body movements and then translates them into VR with realistic accuracy. No external sensors are needed.
CONTROLLER New Touch controllers
Meta Quest 2’s Touch controllers are even more ergonomic. A new thumb rest adds stability when needed.

Soft belt
It ensures lightness and comfort for all kinds of players. This soft strap can be adjusted or optimized with ease

Quick-switching LCD display
Resolution: 1832×1920 per eye
Support for 60, 72 and 90 Hz refresh rateCompatibility with glasses

Integrated 3D positional audio directly in the VR headset, allowing you to hear the environment around you The 3.5 mm audio port allows you to play with or without headphones.
Discover new adventures, win epic challenges or relive classic moments from your favorite games, programs and all-in-one experiences.
128 GB | 256 GB

Advanced Gaming VR all-in-one

On-demand customization for other models.

Front Totem
Customized totem with LED finish. It is equipped with support for VR headsets and hooks for KAT Loco controllers and equipment.

The housing for the specially assembled gaming PC for the best gaming performance is located at the back of the totem in plain view. This makes the cabinet setup very scenic (transparent with LED finish and polished steel)

Immersive experience
KAT Loco utilizes cutting-edge VR movement solutions to ensure a deep VR movement experience at all times. Our intelligent algorithm and deep integrated sensors offer high movement precision and low latency, which is important for enhancing the feeling of realistic interaction with virtual environments.

Wireless and easy to use
Our sensors are completely wireless, which makes them easy to set up, wear, and use. The integrated batteries allow for 10 hours of uninterrupted gameplay Simply plug in the sensors and immediately start your virtual reality adventures.

Visors supplied with your choice
of Oculus Quest 2 Or Pico 4

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Discover how easy it is to “Open a Game Room with Virtual Reality” thanks to the formula we have studied and tested

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