Virtual Reality Experience for Children

Kids VR

Fun and enjoyable virtual reality simulator for children.

With a fiberglass structure, a large display positioned in the face mask, and a silhouette reminiscent of well-known cartoons, it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed and is capable of capturing the attention of both adults and children.
The provided comfortable viewer (which doesn’t necessarily need to be worn) allows curious children to instantly engage with it. Easy to install (it comes ready to use with a suite of age-appropriate games), and quickly positionable (with swiveling wheels), so all you need to do is plug it into the power source, and the game will begin. The included coin acceptor allows for cost-free management.

A special visor

The child can choose to place and remove it as they please, with the freedom to have complete control over the experience.
Interaction is facilitated by specific buttons located on the handle. Managing the machine is easy as the game is activated by inserting a coin.

Measuring 76 cm in length.
Witdh 76 cm
Standing at 110 cm in height.
Weighing 50 kg.
Voltage 220V
Power 650 w

Memory 4G
Processor G1840
Hard Disk 120 G SSD
Graphic card GT 740

VR Glasses DPVR E3 (2K)

Certification CE,ROHS
12 months warranty

Including coin acceptor.


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