Desk Arcade VP

VP Arcade Gaming Station

Arcade desk for two-player game

Ready to step into the gaming past of the 1980s?
So welcome to the universe of arcade gaming! If you are looking for an authentic, retro experience that can take your passion for gaming to an unexpected level, then Desk Arcade VP is for you! This is a uniquely designed two-player game station made by our craftsmen from authentic woods and painted metal. Don’t waste time searching elsewhere; we are the exclusive producers of it!

With distinctive blue and white colors, a curiously shaped metal stand, dual joysticks and monitor, it’s the perfect way to challenge your friends or family to a series of exciting games.

With the ability to handle thousands of games, you have a wide choice of titles so you can ensure that every game is a unique experience.

Not only a source of strong entertainment, but Desk Arcade VP also offers the opportunity to generate excellent revenue through the management of advertising messages, including those from external sponsors.

With Desk Arcade VP you can relive the most famous challenges in the history of arcade games

VP arcade desk can operate free, coin-operated or paper touch

Fun for all

Arcade Game Station
2 player
2 joystick
19 color-coded buttons divided by player
1 monitor with bracket
Played standing or with stool

Voltage 220V

Here are some of the most iconic and beloved arcade titles of all time

Pac-Man: This classic game from the 1980s was a milestone in the world of arcade gaming. Players control a yellow circle character, Pac-Man, who must eat all the dots on the maze while avoiding the ghosts chasing him.
Space Invaders: Another arcade game that dominated the scene in the early 1980s, Space Invaders is a space defense game in which players must shoot invading enemies that fall toward them.
Donkey Kong: This 1981 arcade game introduced the world to one of the most iconic characters in video games-Mario. The player controls Mario as he tries to save his beloved Pauline from the gorilla Donkey Kong.
Galaga: This arcade shooter game was originally released in 1981 and became a classic immediately. Players control a spaceship that must destroy space enemies falling toward them.
Super Mario Bros: Released in 1985 by Nintendo, it was one of the first platform games to become popular in arcade games and started the highly successful Mario series of games. The game follows the adventures of Mario, an Italian plumber, as he tries to rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil Bowser. Players control Mario as they run and jump through various levels, avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies along the way. With its brilliant graphics, memorable soundtrack and addictive gameplay, Super Mario Bros has become one of the most iconic games in video game history.

Production stages

Whether you’re a longtime arcade game fan or a newcomer to the gaming world, with Desk Arcade VP you can relive this epic adventure whenever you want!

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