Interactive Rotary 360°

9D VR simulator capable of rotating 360 degrees

Rotary 360° is a 9D VR Motion Simulator, the latest innovation in the VR industry, comparable to a thrilling amusement park attraction. It is neither a regular 3D cinema nor an ordinary carousel ride. It is a machinery capable of capturing the attention of passersby and immersing the player in a total experience. High-resolution videos, high-quality polyphonic sounds, combined with special and sensory effects, will allow you to experience space adventures.
Designed with an eye-catching design, it has been engineered to replicate smooth yet responsive movements. The same gaming experiences specially developed for this VR simulator result in pleasant, desirable, and captivating adventures. This simulator, to date, holds several records: it is The craziest VR entertainment game, with the highest revenue and popularity. It is asafegame as it adheres to all safety standards (with torso and feet secured), and interactive (because it allows…)players to shoot or control parts of the digital movement).

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What is 9D Virtual Reality?

9D Virtual Reality enables a gaming experience by amplifying the affects. In fact, the main senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, etc…) are also conjured with the help of special effects (tickling, wind and in some cases even smells) generating strong sensations.
9D virtual reality uses VR glasses to show movies and games in 360 degrees. The immersive experience of virtual reality takes you to a completely different and real experience. Look around freely in virtual space with visors, spot enemies and use buttons to neutralize them. You will have an extraordinary experience with your whole body following the movement of your spaceship.
9D virtual reality will give you the opportunity to enter a virtual world and make you believe it is real.

1. Extremely sturdy accessories that enable 360-degree rotation stably and safely
2. Joystick for exciting interaction
3. Protection provided by sturdy double harness safety belt
4. Operation also with coin box (Accessory) and card slot system.
5. Comes with emergency pause button (press it if needed and the machine will stop and return to the original position).
6. Foot and head protection (for safety when upside down).
7. 24-inch HD LED screen ideal for letting the audience visualize the gamer’s experience.

High-Quality 3D Visors
9D VR Glasses
Resolution 2560 x 1440 Pixel
1 pcs Vr glasses

19 game experiences
8 Video HD 1080P
6 interactive games

CE,ROHS Certification
12 months warranty

178 cm (length) – 104 cm (width) – 230 cm (height)
Weight 600 kg
Voltage 220V
Power 3 kw
VR Glasses DPVR E3 (2K)

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