What is KAT LOCO?

KAT loco is a VR locomotion system, also referred to as foot-based, as it enables complete control over actions of the lower body.

Thanks to this new system, it’s possible to walk freely, run, and perform any other movement in virtual reality.

Why are we talking about this new device?

The purpose of Virtual Reality is to engage the player in a digital world with which they can interact just like in the real world.

That’s why a realistic locomotion system is the key to an increasingly immersive gaming experience.

However, despite addressing the issue of user immersion by proposing various solutions, all the VR locomotion techniques adopted so far have failed to provide an optimal solution that combines high immersion with practicality.

the VR industry as a whole has never stopped working to enable an increasingly total immersion. Just look at the evolution from the first VR headsets to all the modern devices that we use today.

The constant research has led to the creation of KAT LOCO.

KAT LOCO is a step towards a complete system that allows individual control over all parts of the body, freeing the hands from controlling all body movements.

Indeed, vision control is entrusted to the head, manual interactions to the hands, and locomotion control to the feet.

This has allowed for an increased sense of immersion and has overcome the issues of space limitation and motion sickness.

Applications of KAT LOCO

The use of our new device grants access to a high-performance locomotion system, featuring advanced software and intuitive hardware. Although the new system starts from very simple premises, it is quite intricate.

The all-in-one locomotion solution is suitable for dozens of applications.

Whether you want to play with friends or you’re a true virtual reality enthusiast, we guarantee the highest gaming performance.

Moreover, KAT Loco is entirely wireless and comes with a comprehensive system of algorithms and super durable batteries! We’re talking about a standby duration of 150 hours and 10 hours of usage.

Integrated Control Panel – KAT GATEWAY

Our device also comes with a new multifunctional software designed specifically for home use: KAT Gateway.

With KAT Gateway, simplicity and control are combined. The simplicity of a control panel that allows you to monitor all parameters of your LOCO in a way that suits your needs.

You can quickly access the control panel of the Loco device both from your computer’s desktop and directly from your VR headset.

You can quickly control all the basic parameters of the device, such as connection status or battery status, in a truly rapid manner!

Furthermore, the control panel will send you a notification if you get too close or if you are too far away to ensure optimal functioning at all times.

For Whom Is KAT LOCO?

KAT LOCO is dedicated to individuals, and for this reason, the warranty is for household use.

Currently, it is not available on the market, but you can place an order by providing us with your details.

If you were interested in a professional-use machine, we invite you to click here!

Easy to wear and calibrate.

You don’t need to be a virtual reality professional to set up and calibrate KAT Loco correctly. The installation process is simple and intuitive, and our sensors are easy to wear and use for anyone.