Frequent asked questions

Yes it is, if:
- you have no experience in running a business
- you think that the profit is generated only by paying the cost of the token
- your franchisor has the same destination as you
- you seek the certainty of a method and a guide so as not to improvise
- franchisor does not apply royalties

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to determining the appropriate size or number of simulators for a VR arcade or park. It's best to develop a project that is tailored to the local territory, aligned with the needs, possibilities, and expectations of the proponent, and takes into account the market demand and competition in the area.

We are a company that specializes in the production and partly exclusive distribution of these items. We always have machinery in stock and therefore ready for delivery. The variables to keep in mind are:
- availability of necessary financial resources
- location availability and possible adaptation
- project implementation
- authorization request

On average from 40 to 60 days

We foresee the rental only for corporate events, parties, anniversaries and in any case of a temporary nature. We do not adopt long-term rental as we prefer to advise the purchase which in this case is more convenient for our customer.

This really depends on the business model. The business model adopted in Virtual Play franchising makes it possible to obtain minimum revenues of around 600k per year with an average investment.

It is the software that goes fast. The machines are much more long-lived.
Today, there are simulations available for almost every type of experience, and our machines are designed to accommodate them all. As our machines are updatable, they will always remain current with the latest software, ensuring that they stay relevant and engaging for customers.

It depends on your earning expectations and your financial availability. You can select from various formats, with a starting point of 29k, to begin experiencing the profitability of this endeavor.

We offer exclusive zone rights, no play costs, comprehensive training before, during, and after launch, qualified and readily available technical assistance, and the option to exchange machines during operation.