200 – 400 m2

Functional staging solutions "200-400 sqm arena"

In our view, each space needs its own “functional architecture” with 2 distinct purposes. However, the first, the most intuitive, is the least important for us: occupy all available spaces.
This approach is very common in the vendor market, and its purpose is basically to maximize profit alone, often at the expense of the poorly capitated. In other words, there is a tendency to “stuff” the customer with equipment on the grounds that “more is better”!

For us, however, the second purpose is more important: to design the space not only for proper playability but more importantly to make the most of its income-generating capacity. We call it “profitable area design.” This is done by implementing the right machines but even more so by using the experience gained. In fact, not all simulators are suitable for different environments!
You can start with a minimum space of 60 square meters up to 400 as this format provides. Each project has its own peculiarities, design, profitability, and in short, its own entrepreneurial why.
The configuration in the video of about 250 square meters represents a project designed for GDO (Shopping Centers).


  • Size: from 60 to 200-400 square meters
  • Colors: customizable
  • Use: Shopping/ThemePark /VR Gaming center
  • Materials: Metal
  • Certifications: CE, ROHS.

Do you have a room of this size and would like to receive an opinion, quote or advice on the profit you could make and\or the investment needed?
Just interested in preliminary information?
Are you an investor and would like to learn more about the Business Model and how to delegate operational management?

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Oltre al nostro prezioso Business Plan avrai come BONUS i “5 video di approfondimento” i quali ti faranno fare un viaggio, step by step, dall’idea all’apertura di un centro d’intrattenimento in Realtà Virtuale!


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